How to Clean your apartment ?

We all love to live in a clean and bright apartment, so it is recommended to know important tips for cleaning the property that only professionals know.

A professional cleaning company knows secrets that we should all know. For example, when washing floors, you should use hot water mixed with a dishwashing spoon and a little vinegar. After the rinsing, there is no smell of vinegar and the result is an impressive shiny floor and you can have qzz in your life.

A professional house cleaning company will also know techniques for polishing the floor by polishing the floor for preservation for years.

How to polish sanitary ware in an apartment?

Most of the Israelis use bleach to clean sanitary equipment such as toilets, sinks, pots, bathtubs and showers. The professionals recommend sprinkling a bit of detergent and then thoroughly rubbing the sink, bathroom and toilet, rinsing well, and enjoying a glamorous look in the bathroom and in the kitchen.

To remove from the bathroom’s curtain stains of mold and dirt, you can wash it with a washing machine in the soaking program, add half a cup of vinegar to remove the stains, and then run the machine in a fast program with low heat, without squeezing.

It is also recommended to wash the bath mat, along with the curtain to complete the cleanliness of a perfect apartment.

In addition, you should know that cola is considered a very effective cleaning agent, you can pour cola toilet, rub, wait an hour and wash the water.

Polishing new or old wooden furniture with ease and optimal preservation –

Many apartments have furniture made of wood, with time scraping on the armrests and exposed wooden parts.

In order to remove the scratches and restore the appearance of the furniture you can make a mixture of olive oil and vinegar in equal proportion, dip a clean cloth mixture and move on the tree, so you can return the crown to its former and enjoy the natural and new look of the tree.

Or to work with polythene material to preserve the texture and apply a fine lacquer layer.

Cleaning of dust and impurities Shutters Windows and railings –

One of the most effective and convenient methods of cleaning shutters from dust, grease and dirt is with a sock on the hand.

The sock is fumigated with a mixture of warm water and vinegar. It is easy to clean the shutters with the sock and then throw it away.

Cleaning company will perform cleaning windows and shutters thoroughly with water pressure and water pumps from straight lines and window polishing tools.

In conclusion, you can do it yourself and get into the thick of it or give the reins to a professional cleaning company successfully.